Fail Proof Turkey Porridge Recipe

11:47 AM / Posted by CITYNITZ / comments (2)

Don’t even think about dumping and wasting the turkey carcass or bones! Here’s a fail proof recipe that will leave you kicking yourself all the other years you didn’t do this.

You need:

Turkey carcass/bones

One cup regular rice OR ½ cup regular rice and ½ cup sweet rice

10 cups of water

Slow cooker

White pepper


Place turkey remains, rice (sweet rice will make your poridge thicker), and water into slow cooker. The easy thing about this recipe is there really is no such thing as overcooking. Honestly, I think the longer you cook it the better your poridge will taste. I usually slow cook on high for a few hours and if you do this before going to bed, put slow cooker on low overnight. Before serving add salt and white pepper to taste.

I’m guessing a lot of you already know or do this already, but thought I’d share. :)