Please Help Out =)

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Hello foodie fanatics! I know I've been MIA for quite some time and some of you have been requesting for posts. Trust me, I feel SO bad.... so unfortunately this won't be a food post, but a shout out to ya all to help me out.

My best lil bro is at Sloan B-school and is in a competition for one of his projects. The task: To get as many hits as possible on their website that promotes soon to be released Iron Man 2 and Reeses candy. Bad news, they're currently not in the lead. The good news, it's not too late to get more hits.

So pleassse pretty pleassse w/ a cherry on top help me out and visit their site because being his older sis, I couldn't be any more proud of him!


Feel like doing a little extra and blowing my mind? It would be awesome if you tweeted this site and help spread the word. If you go as far to put a little tid bit on your ever so popular blog, well I couldn't not give you something in return. Personally experiencing what a pain in the ass putting up a post can be, for all your troubles, I will owe you admission into Disneyland. Being that Marvel is part of Disney now, it only seems fitting.

Please leave a comment with your link to the entry so that I can get in touch with you for your prize!! Deadline to do so will be May 7th (aka: Opening day for Iron Man 2 *woot woot*)

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and helping me out!! XOXOXO